Content Management Systems

Content Management SystemsCMS sites are active “machines”, capable of creating their own content and updates pushed from other content providers.  A dynamic content management system (CMS) is database-driven and relies on MySQL and PHP.

While initially these sites can be more expensive, most clients find that the ease of use, strong search results and savings on updates will quickly offset those costs. These sites allow the site owner or Webmaster to easily update the website from any web enabled device.

  • Client can update or add pages without knowing HTML from any web-connected devise including smart phones and tablets.
  • Updates can be syndicated to social networks or subscribers.
  • Site maps automatically ping search engine bots to any updates.
  • Has the ability to allow for interaction with site visitors.
  • Search Engine Optimization is much easier than with HTML/CSS Sites.
  • Website maintenance costs are greatly reduced.
  • Site redesign time can be cut from weeks to days.
  • An endless number of features can be easily added via free or low cost plugins.



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